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Delicious Pug Shop is run by Pug Lovers for Pug Lovers.

Anyone who owns a pug knows they have their own special characteristics, shape and habits.

Their short neck and squat, strong body requires dog accessories that will fit the pug's sometimes rotund shape. Being a brachycephalic dog, collars can obstruct their airway making a dog harness a far better choice for a pug than a dog collar.

All dog products on this site have been individually chosen specifically for Pugs and their owners with the characteristics and shape of a Pug in mind. We have sourced what we think are the best Pug products and Pug gifts. Our favourite natural dog products for your dog's skin car are from Natural Dog Company.

Ziggy regularly gets these and we have our own code so our Pug loving friends can get 10% off all their purchases.

Guess what the code is? Pugdelicious, cool we think. So use the code and get a discount of your orders you and your Pug will love these products, they are great natural products for all dogs as well.

We love the cute red Pug Tshirt as well as our Pug patterned boots. Have a look around we hope you love Pug stuff as much as we do. There are great Pug gifts for Pug lovers and Pug owners.

Delicious Pug shop is an affiliate site so we get a small percentage for every product sold.

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