7 Tips For a Pug Delicious Beach Trip

7 Tips For a Pug Delicious Beach Trip Time to go little dog, we’re off to the beach……. Ooops! Tip 1 Never mention where you are going until you have gathered everything together and it’s nearly time for the off. In true Pug style Ziggy at the mention of beach will be bouncing and cantering[…]Read More

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pug squishy face

The Pug Smell

Keep your Pug & your home smelling sweet Pugs do have their own peculiar smell but they shouldn’t stink! Pug odours have been described as cheesy, corn chips, bread, biscuity to name some. Ours I think smells like a slightly stale garibaldi biscuit.  Your Pug’s odour should be pleasant, if it is nasty or too[…]Read More

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paralysis tick before and after feeding

Natural treatments for fleas and ticks on dogs

Treating For Ticks & Fleas With spring around the corner in Queensland tick season is upon us and the discussion of what tick treatment to use has been a bit of a debate. Fleas and ticks are a big problem for all dog owners but here in Queensland Australia we have the added worry of[…]Read More

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pug in cooling bandana

Pugs In Summer 10 tips to keep Your Pug Cool

Summer Time Pugs 10 tips to keep your Pug cool in hot weather Pugs don’t do well in extreme heat, or extreme cold, they like comfort and to be snuggly and warm. In the Southern Hemisphere summer is on it’s way and with it changes and considerations need to be made to your Pug’s daily[…]Read More

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Yep Im a pug

15 reasons why Pugs are so special

Facts about Pugs Pugs are now one of the most popular breeds worldwide and with good reason we think. Why are Pugs so popular? Pugs are cute, while some people will call them ugly (how could they?) most of us are drawn to these squishy faced dogs like bee’s to a honey pot. We can’t[…]Read More

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Ziggy in the bed

Battle Of The Duvet

There are only 2 places in the house our Pug isn’t allowed In the bed and on the pillows. Really only one place now as the battle of the duvet has been fought and lost, in fact it was so short it couldn’t really be called a battle.  Every winter it happens, winter arrives and[…]Read More

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